Crochet Top Hat

Crochet Top Hat

I am not big on Valentine’s Day. However, after last year’s news on the day of love, I forever will celebrate merely because it was on Valentine’s Day that we found out we were going to be parents in the most awesome and surprising way.

So naturally, I had to do something to document our little love bundle.

Wanting to further my crochet skills as well, I attempted a red top hat.

IMG_1703 (2) (800x533)

I used this pattern.

I didn’t follow it directly since I wasn’t making a Christmas hat. I started using the 6-12 month size but it was huge so I ripped it out and ended up sticking with the newborn size. And that size is still huge on George who is 5 months old.


I am excited to have this in my props box. It is just darling.


The pattern is really easy to follow, and it took me a couple days to make. I could have probably made it in one sitting, but I was only getting about 15 minutes spurts to crochet. So again, it is super easy and make me wonder why I haven’t attempted more hats.


Oh yes, because of the magic ring. But, I even mastered the magic ring by following this video.


It’s great as a baby prop because it can be smooshed and molded with a moving baby. This would be easy to make in all kinds of colors to really go with any holiday. I thought red would be nice for Valentine’s Day or Christmas.


I am trying to do more crocheting but it is really hard right now with our schedule. I have pinned a lot of things for inspiration so maybe things will slow down a bit for me to attempt more of them. But next up is a baby blanket for my other half who is preggers with their third little man!

What do you think of this hat? What other photo props do you think I should try making?