Crochet Market Bag

I have so much left over yarn from previous projects. I hate throwing away half a skein, and in some cases almost a full skein.

Which is why we had several laundry baskets full of yarn (with no current purpose) to move…whoops.

So in an effort to knock some of that down, I am trying to find projects that don’t require full skeins or allow me to mix them.

This is also pushing me to try different items, such as this bag.

I started off using a different pattern, but halfway through my project it was no longer available. So I had to find another pattern that was similar. This is the one I ended up with.

The bottom of my bag looks a little different than that pattern because I was using different directions at first. The lace part is the same though.

2014-11-07 08.44.37

I haven’t fully tested out it’s strength, but it seems to hold pretty basic things fairly well.

If I were to do this in the future, I probably would not make the torso part as long. It is going to stretch over time so I would keep that in mind when making this part.

This doesn’t take much yarn at all, so I may be making more of these in the future. We use reusable bags for our groceries, so I feel like these would be a great addition to our supply.

Anyone have good project ideas that take little yarn? Or look ok with non-matching yarn?