Crochet Braided Infinity Scarf

This was another Christmas gift. Surprise!

This one is fairly easy to do.

I used two colors of yarn and did a single crochet stitch with a medium hook.

First I crocheted three strips of the same length. I did not count perfectly the number of rows. I just eyeballed the same length.

2013-12-19 19.49.28

Next I braided the three strips together. You will want to do it fairly tight because it will loosen up once it is done. The picture below is too loose, so make sure you do it tighter. I took me a couple braids to get it to the thickness I wanted. Also it might be handy to either have clamps or a person to hold it while you braid.

2013-12-19 19.53.32

It will look a little sloppy at this point, but don’t worry once you are done it will look great!

After you braid, you will use a darning needle to sew all the ends together.

  2013-12-19 20.48.26

I finished this project in an evening since it is all simple stiches. It is really easy!

You can vary this design a lot. You could do various stitches, have all the same color, or do three different colors. The options really are endless on the style.

It will make a fairly thick infinity scarf so make sure you make it long enough to double up or short enough that one go around doesn’t look silly.

2013-12-19 20.48.04