Talks with Tom Royals Version


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I have LOVED watching the Royals this past week. We have seen some of the most exciting games, EVER.

(in my humble opinion of course)

We were thinking that we couldn’t have a game without going into extra innings.


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I am so sad that I do not get to be in Kansas City during all this. It is certainly a fun time to be there. The stadium looked electric last night, even with the rain. Such an amazing atmosphere. And it has been awesome seeing my Facebook newsfeed pretty much being taken over by KC, AND to see them in the “trending” section!

Be Royal friends.


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Here are some quick Tom comments concerning the Royals:

This quote happened last night early in the game.

“If we win the series, I am going to shit my pants like George just did.” (He did not crap his pants in case you were wondering, but there were some tears.)

Some night this week, Tom was looking up Royals memorabilia that we could have in our future home when he found Royals themed candy.

“Sweets and Treats? (this was a category on the website) Of course I want the Royals in my mouth.”


George is passing on his baby magic by sharing his favorite facial expression.

I can’t wait to see what unfolds during the rest of this postseason! So excited for my Boys in Blue!

To Baltimore we go!

Take the Crown!

Party Like It’s 1985

Today something is occurring that hasn’t occurred in 29 years.

My beloved Royals are in the Playoffs.


The Royals have not been to the playoffs since 1985, which is the longest playoff drought in the MLB. Not exactly the greatest title to hold…

When they went the last time, I was 4 months old. So I have never fully experienced a Royals post season. Although I am sure I gurgled and cooed as any loyal fan would.


My dad always says that I was their good luck charm since their 1985 World Series win was the year I was born. Tom was also born that year too. So we are convinced that we produced the miracle child in George to help the Royals once again. Nothing like putting the pressure on our kid from the day he was born. They did win the night he was born just saying…

Baseball is the sport of superstitions. You can thank us later Royals fans for procreating. This little bundle of goodness got us to the post season right?


It has not been easy being a Royals fan over the past 29 years. There have been many ups and downs (unfortunately a lot of downs) over the years.

But we made it, and it is so sweet to be here.

It may be hard to be a Kansas City fan, but we are not fair weather fans. We have believed and hoped for this since we clinched that World Series title in 1985. We have waited patiently…ok maybe not so patiently. But we have still flocked to buy hot dogs and get into the royal spirit to support America’s favorite past time in the 816 area code.

So to all the cynics and other teams who didn’t see us coming, we are going to enjoy today. We are going to #beroyal and #takethecrown how we do.


And who doesn’t love a good underdog story and sporting events that are not predictable? And this season, game to game, was anything but predictable. This season has just been fun to watch! In all honestly though, there were some games that I had to watch through my fingers because it was too intense to see. We were ever hopeful.

Through it all, Kansas City fans have always come out for our boys in blue. (We also come out for our boys in red. During Monday Night Football last night, Kansas City made Arrowhead the loudest stadium in the World! Get it Chiefs!)

Let’s Celebrate Kansas City.

No matter what the end result is today, this has been a fantastic season to witness. I have enjoyed watching/reading through every game. (KY/TN don’t seem to be fans of KC so we haven’t been able to watch every game live.)

One day at a time. Enjoy every win, and move past every loss.

(Rest assured though, I would love a win today.)


George says, “Don’t worry. Party like it’s 1985 Mom.”

I do as the infant says.

So here’s to hoping for the best today! Soak it up while we can! Can we get a Blue October?

I wish I could be in Kansas City today to take part in all the festivities that are going on in my hometown, but we will be watching and cheering anxiously from KY.

We believe! Come on Royals! Take those A’s!


Do you love baseball? Who are you rooting for in the post season?