Talks with Tom #31

Tom hasn’t seen George for two weeks now. There is so much change that occurs in a 3 month old. I try to update him about all the little changes while we are apart.

This was a conversation last night.

Me-He is getting really good at talking. He will go back and forth with you.

Tom-Does he say words?

Me-No he doesn’t say words. He gurgles. (and I made the noise George does.)

Tom-What kind of teacher are you if you can’t teach a 3 month old words. And you call yourself an academic advisor.

Me- I know I have failed him, but in my defense my students should already know words by the time I get them.

Tom- Just saying, no child left behind.

Grr…he knows that NCLB is a big thorn for me and a huge reason why I left teaching in the traditional sense.

This weekend he can have a crack at it and teach him all the words.