Armucation: A View of Tom’s Job

I have talked a lot about Tom being out at ranges and training missions for days at a time.

They released a couple of videos of the training which give you a glimpse at things that they do. They do a better job describing/showing things than I do, so I will let them take over today.

This particular range training was a huge deal because it was the first time in a decade they have done something to this scale. It was a multi-day brigade sized air assault operation and included soldiers from 3rd BCT, 101st ABN DIV (Tom’s unit) and 101st CAB (Combat Aviation Brigade/Helicopter folks). The mission moved over 1,000 soldiers and sling-loaded over 30 pieces of equipment over the range area.

That video is a little cheesy, but this link has a really good one where several officers explain what is going on.

Here is a newspaper article that was done on it as well.
It was a ridiculously big deal for them to do well. It was publicized on everything. I even heard a report on it every day on my favorite radio show for that week.
They did a few smaller Eagle flights before this large-scale one as an entire brigade. All that Tom had to say was that he was glad that they were done. We are hoping that the training cycle dies down a little bit since they were going out each week for a couple of months there.

Tom was also awarded the Army Commendation Medal during this mission. Apparently, this is a huge deal for him to receive this medal during peace time as most are received while down range in actual battle. They are given for extraordinary achievement, and it was really great for Tom to be recognized for all that he has done in his new position. You can read a little more here about the medal. Proud wife moment!