Baby 3: 30 Weeks

How far along: Something about making it to 30 weeks is really a kick in the pants to get ready for this baby. I delivered Daph at 36 weeks, so that is my timeline I am trying to prepare myself for.

Sex of Baby W: Baby boy has a first name but no middle name yet.

Weight gain: I have gained 5 pounds total.

Size of Baby W: My app says that he is the size of a motorcycle helmet which seems highly unlikely, so let’s go with the other options of platypus or cantaloupe.

Maternity clothes: It is interesting to start trying to dress this bump for cooler weather. I have never been this far pregnant during cold weather. I pretty much live in the same maternity sweats for most of the week.

Baby items: We haven’t gotten anything new since the last update. We really have to start preparing things…There are still a few things we need, but mostly it is just organizing Daphne’s room back into a nursery, and making the house ready for a newborn.

Stretch marks: No new stretch marks. I am at that point though that it seems hard to believe this belly is going to get bigger.

Belly button in or out:  It is almost flat. I keep thinking that this will be the one that the belly button comes out.

Sleep: I pretty much try something new every night to figure out a more comfortable way to sleep. Almost every night, I find myself asleep on my back. I have also had some cramping in my calves during the night since I am not really moving much.

Best moment the past few weeks: Tom started back as a police officer here recently, and it has been so great to see him doing what he loves.

Worst moment the past few weeks: We had a trip to the ER a week ago. We thought that there was a possibility that my amniotic sac ruptured because I had a rush of fluid down there for about 30 minutes straight. I had a similar thing happen with George, so I wasn’t panicked and thought maybe it was just an extreme peeing my pants. However when we called the hospital they said the only way to rule it out was to come get checked out. It was stressful once we got there because they told us before the results came back from the tests that if I did rupture, I would have to stay in the hospital until I was 36 weeks. Both Tom and I were a little in shock with that statement, so thank goodness all came back ok. Never are you more glad that you just peed your pants…On the plus side, Tom got to hear the baby for the first time since he hasn’t been allowed at any of the appointments.

Miss anything: Allergy medicine. I can’t take any of my prescriptions, and Benedryl does nothing for me. I also miss hot dogs something fierce.

Cravings/Aversions: I haven’t really had any specific cravings. I am just hungry every couple hours. I still don’t want grilled chicken.

Movement: My doctor wants me to do a kick counter every day. I do not remember having to do that with every other kid, so I have been even more mindful of the movement going on. He still mostly moves at night time.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I have been feeling great. Most of the time I feel like I am not pregnant. I am still working out most days, and that makes me feel good in so many ways. I have started doing the pregnancy waddle. I also have severe period like cramps, which I feel like have gotten worse with each pregnancy. I also have to pee all the time.

Looking forward to: All the fall things. It’s my favorite time of year, and I feel like a lot of the activities are easy to do and social distance, so bring on all the apples and pumpkins!

You can read about George at 30 weeks here and Daphne here.

Bumpdate Week 30

Week 30

How far along: Holy Cow! 30 weeks! I can’t believe we are down to 10 weeks until George’s due date.

Sex of Baby W: We saw his little man parts this week.

Weight gain: I have gained 5 pounds…finally. And this is officially the most I have ever weighed in my entire life, which can be a downer when I see that at first. Then I remember I am growing a human.

Size of Baby W: Yesterday, he weighed in at 3 lbs and 3 oz. He is about the size of a large cabbage.

Maternity clothes: I am really not sure why we wear buttons in the first place. Maternity pants and lots of elastic are the best thing! It will be hard going back to regular pants that have zippers and buttons. Maybe I will start a clothing revolution against fasteners…

Baby items: We had both of our baby showers where George was given lots of love! I was excited to see all the books and clothes we got. Baby things are so adorable!


These are some of my favorite onsies we have gotten so far. We asked for books instead of cards to help build a library for George. It was so fun to see all the books and notes to George! I hope he is as excited about them someday as I am!

We do still have a lot of things we need so we are working to figure out what’s a necessity versus want. It stresses me out to see all the things on our registry, but I know it will all work out before he gets here. Although, Target is having huge baby sale (baby items, not actual babies) this week…

Stretch marks: I haven’t noticed any still. Our prenatal class instructor says that stretch marks can’t be prevented by any lotion. Either you are predisposed to get them or you aren’t. Regardless, I will still be lathering on the lotion morning and night to help with all the itching.

Belly button in or out: It’s just a little indent now. Maybe by the next update it will be flat.

Sleep: Well the nights of good sleep have gone away. I have been super restless, and pains in my legs have been waking me up. I am pretty sure I get charlie horses in my left leg almost every night. Have I mentioned that I HATE laying on my left side exclusively? I am thinking that some of this had to do with all the traveling we were doing too. So hopefully now that I am in our own bed for more than a couple nights a week, it will get a little better. 

Best moment the past few weeks: Seeing all the friends and family over the past few weekends. My heart is full. It was also great seeing George again on our ultrasound yesterday. It had been a couple months, and he has grown so much! I will admit though that I didn’t know what half the things we were looking at where until the ultrasound tech explained it. But he and I are measuring exactly where we need to be and everything looks fantastic from what our doctor says. Pretty good news indeed.

Worst moment the past few weeks: The traveling has taken a toll on the Whitener family.

Miss anything: Running. I never thought I would say that.

Cravings: Greasy pizza, which was satisfied by Shakespeare’s Pizza during one of our trips to Columbia, MO.

Movement: I feel like George is trying to break free through my belly button. He is like a solid rock hanging out right there or on my kidney. He kicks and flicks around a lot right after I eat. He doesn’t really do much in the morning, so he takes after his night-owl dad. It’s still fun to feel him move, but he is definitely getting stronger. There are moments now where he is a little painful. It was also really fun to see my 4 year old niece feel him move. Such a fun moment to share with her. Oh and he definitely high-fived Tom on command last week-not even kidding.


Not sure if you can tell, but my belly is lopsided. Where the arrow is pointing, that is George’s rump. My belly button is about an inch and a half to the left of the arrow for reference. He likes to stick his butt up and make his presence known at all times. (Also I was parked in my driveway when I took this picture. I was not driving in case you were concerned.)

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I have had a few bouts of nausea, but generally once I eat something I am fine. I am also getting a lot more exhausted. I can tell it takes a lot more out of me to walk the dogs every day, but I am still hitting the pavement with them. I could also do without the cramps.

Looking forward to: Now that we are not traveling as much anymore, we can actually get things organized and set up. I can’t wait to put everything up! We have a lot to do in ways of creating a space for George. This is his room right now…

2014-07-07 21.47.45

I am glad we are back to seeing the doctor every couple weeks. It is nice to be able to get that check up and make sure that everything is going well. It satisfies this worrying momma!

30 weeks