Bachelor Nick Week 8

Oh the hometown week…

  • Nick does not play by the traditional Bachelor rules.
  • Raven, you already told Nick that you were in love with him.
  • Yea I don’t think you ever quite know what you are getting with Raven.
  • What a special moment that Nick got to be a part of Raven’s dad telling her he is cancer free. Tear alert.
  • That was such an awkward goodbye between Raven and Nick.
  • What moment Raven? You have already said I love you.
  • Nick does not look comfortable in that church initially.
  • Nick said “I grew up in church,” but he doesn’t seem to mean that he goes now. However, I think that what he said about wanting to grow with Rachel on faith seems genuine. But I can’t get over the fact that she is the next Bachelorette. What happens?
  • Rachel’s family is bringing the fire.
  • They seem like they are really fun.
  • I think the producers rigged Corinne staying on so we could all experience Corinne’s hometown.
  • Shopping where there is champagne?
  • I could not imagine spending $3000 on one outfit. I didn’t even spend that much on my wedding dress.
  • Corinne saying “I love you” was sweet.
  • I want those olives.
  • I mean I kind of love Raquel too.
  • Corinne could not think of what Nick’s job would be. Shouldn’t this be something they talk about?
  • I loved watching Vanessa with her classroom. It made me really miss my time with Special Olympics.
  • I really appreciate that Vanessa is showing what it means to have divorced family. Having to split your time is hard for others to get used to. It is still hard for us sometimes.
  • I agree that Nick and Vanessa should have the conversation about what life would be after the Bachelor. How have none of them had this conversation?
  • Vanessa’s family is intense and so very protective.
  • Vanessa’s brother was so sweet.
  • Ha I love dads. How are you respecting my daughter when you are dating 3 other women?
  • So did Nick only ask Raven and Vanessa’s dads for their blessings? Did I miss him asking Rachel and Corinne’s family?
  • I think Vanessa’s family is going to scare Nick away.
  • Do these women really forget that this is a competition and there are other women involved?
  • Vanessa isn’t going to say anything about her feelings?
  • This season is the worst at cliff hangers. WHYYYYY?
  • Andy is the one who knocked on the door? WHAT DOES SHE WANT?

Favorites:    Vanessa, but now I am thinking Raven may win.


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