Wellness VoxBox

I did receive these products complimentary for the review from Influenster, and these thoughts are my own.

 I am one of those people who will buy the same thing over and over again. I don’t do well with trying new products. My thought is, I don’t want to waste my money if I am not sure I will like it.  I also don’t use a lot of products, and think of myself as pretty low maintenance. So if I find something that I like and it works, I will continue using it for a long time.

I was really excited about this box because it will allow me to try some new things and maybe fall in love with some new products that I can use daily.


So what did I think?

ATTITUDE Shampoo & Body Wash:  Tom and I both used this. I was impressed. Generally with more natural shampoos you get less suds. This one still had sufficient suds! I am very particular about my shampoos and the ingredients in them, and this one was great. I will definitely be looking to purchase this product again. ATTITUDE has a great deal going on! Right now you can get 40% off of your first order on ATTITUDEliving.com using the code FIRSTFREE40.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer:  This was ok. I am pretty vigilant about putting on lotion when I get out of the shower, so this wasn’t anything extra special to me. I felt like I had to use a lot to get the coverage though. The bottle is almost empty after a couple weeks of use. I was also worried about it leaving my hands greasy, but it never did. My legs were greasier than just using normal lotion, but the rest of my body was fine though and not greasy. I don’t think this saved me any time like the commercials say, but again, I am on it about my lotion after the shower anyway. I do not think I will buy this again solely because I can buy a bottle of lotion cheaper and it lasts much longer than a month.

Olay Active Botanicals:  I really like this face wash. I have shared that I have some weird acne prone skin, so this is the one product that I do experiment on to try to find one that works. This is a gel cleanser, so it is thick when you are scrubbing your face. It left my skin feeling squeaky clean, but a little more on the drier side. I probably wouldn’t use this in the winter, but it would be a great summer wash. It is in my travel suitcase because I like to be minimal on my trips and this I feel gets all the dirt off that I need on those short trips. I will be looking more into this line for a possible purchase again.

Colgate Enamel Health mouthwash:  We loved this mouthwash. It does not have a harsh taste, and my teeth feel clean afterwards. I also like that it focuses on protecting your enamel because I eat a LOT of fruits and veggies which can be harmful to your teeth in large quantities because of the acidity. We will add this to our mouthwash list to buy in the future.

ATTITUDE dish-washing liquid:  This is another ATTITUDE product. I did some research, and they have a wide range of day to day products including pet products. I have been using this specifically for George’s sippy cups. I think it works great! It doesn’t leave a residue and gets them clean, which is obviously important. Again, I will be looking into these products because they seem to be more intentional about what is going in the bottles.

There were two products that I did not use. There was a free download of Yaye which is a social fitness app. I didn’t think it was something I would use nor would I know anyone to socialize with my workouts. And the second is the Urgent RX fast powders. We generally don’t take a lot of medicine in our household, and I haven’t had any pains that warranted taking medication. I am not just going to take the powder to take it. I think that defeats the purpose of trying it out for it’s intended use.

This was a great box that introduced me to some new products I would not have picked up otherwise.

If you are interested in getting an Influenster box (you don’t have to be a blogger), just let me know, and I can send you an invite. They are a fun surprise! The community is also really easy to navigate. The more you interact, the more they will be able to find boxes that fit your style and needs. It is really versatile, and you can use it a lot or hardly at all. I have really enjoyed it so far!

Have you tried these products? Are you particular about your hair products?

2 thoughts on “Wellness VoxBox

    • Yea not worth the purchase in my opinion. I am going to definitely going to look at the Olay line. For some reason I have always associated with Olay with aging products so I have steered clear from them, so I am glad this was in the box!

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