Let Them Eat Cake

The last couple weeks we have been celebrating George turning one, and the fact that Tom and I made it through a year of parenting mostly unscathed.

With George’s ferocious appetite, I think everyone was hedging bets that he would hulk smash his cake.

Which he did.

11988370_10100885449833801_4713557726306855852_nDuring our cake smash photo shoot, George didn’t need any prompting.

11947553_10100885450597271_1514519158980158684_nHe dug into that cake the second we set him down.

11059883_10100885450048371_7760555973632386196_oHe had no hesitation.

11891400_10100885449858751_8516266648949643518_oAnd he proceeded to eat at least a third of the cake and most of the icing.

11875033_10100885450732001_1750302884817207694_oThis was the George we know and love.

Then yesterday at his birthday party, we saw the complete opposite.

11894394_10100890815261441_2629690860504234841_oHe didn’t want to have anything to do with that cake.

We tried for a few minutes trying to get him to eat it but he just kept getting up and walking away trying to chase his cousin down with icing.

Here are my thoughts as to why the switch:

  1. He was not feeling well. He had been puking all afternoon.
  2. He is teething, so he is kind of all over the place. Also see not feeling well.
  3. He had a huge audience of people he isn’t so familiar with. While he loves people watching, he doesn’t like to perform on command.
  4. He may have remembered that they last time he ate a whole cake that he didn’t poop for 2 days. I would probably stay away from that food too.
  5. George is George, and he does what he wants. The life of a new toddler. They are unpredictable even if you have the best intentions.

But hey, at least we had the cake smash photo shoot from before!


8 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Jimmie dug into his first cake, cried for his birthday donuts, and barely touched his second cake. I wonder if we’ll do a cake smash for their second bday. Do people do that?

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