20th Season DWTS

I love this show.

Seriously obessed.

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Other people may think that it has run it course, but I am genuinely sucked into every single season. It is my elusive dream to be famous one day to be on this show. That is the only reason I would want to be famous. Well that and to have someone do my hair everyday.

Here are my first takes on each of the couples:

  • Noah Galloway and Sharna-I cried every single moment of this dance. I cried because of what he was doing. I cried because of the sacrifices he has made. I cried because that could have been Tom. Noah is an Army veteran who was stationed at Ft. Campbell. He lost his left arm and leg during his service. His dance and partnership with Sharna is just beautiful. As Carrie Ann said, “He is redefining what it means to dance.”
  • Robert Herjavec and Kym-He was not as stiff as I thought he would be. He was really ecstatic and lively with his dance. He is also a big flirt with Kym, so that will be interesting and awkward to watch. He was a surprise for me.
  • Patti LaBelle and Artem-She was so emotional and thankful for the experience. Her dance was very touching to me. She is definitely bringing some soul to the show.
  • Riker Lynch and Allison-I am excited to see this partnership. I think Allison sometimes dancing so well and with staccato that it highlights her partner’s weaknesses more. I think that Riker is going to be able to match her energy and enthusiasm and seems to have some basic skills already down. They should be exciting to watch.
  • Nastia Liukin and Derek-Clearly this is my favorite team. I know there are a lot of Derek haters out there that think that he is just given who will naturally be winners, but I would disagree that this is not the case. He has had several that have not won including when he was partnered with Shawn Johnson during the All-Star season. He is a good choreographer and teacher who highlights his partner’s skills. I love him and y’all need to back off. Back to Nastia, I always love seeing what gymnasts can do on the dance floor, so this will be fun to watch them work together.
  • Charlotte McKinney and Keo-She seems fun, but I think she is going to talk about her boobs a lot. We didn’t really get to see how Keo works last year either, so I don’t really have much to say about this partnership yet.
  • Redfoo and Emma-I am excited to see what Emma does with someone closer to her energy. She has done really well with the older gentleman partners she has had, but I think we will be able to see much different choreography from her. And Redfoo I think will make any appearance worth watching. He is a little awkward right now, but he has the heart.
  • Michael Sam and Peta-They are probably my second favorite couple. I am a fan of Michael Sam’s because he use to be Mizzou football player. I have always been a Mizzou fan, but even more so now that I live down the street. He seems really fun, and Peta seems like a great match for him! I also am a Peta fan! I will say that he seemed a bit nervous and stocky the first go around, so hopefully he can relax a little. Traditionally football players have done really well on this show, so I hope for the best for this couple!
  • Willow Shields and Mark-I am glad Mark got another young one. I think it is forcing him to not think so much about himself in the choreography. Willow seems fun and like she has something to prove only being 14, which usually means that they fight hard for it. She should be fun to watch even if I am NOT a Mark fan.
  • Susanne Somers and Tony-Tony is one of my favorite choreographers so I always enjoy the relationships he builds. IT was funny when she introduced what she was known for she said Three’s Company and Thighmaster infomercials. I actually know her most from Step By Step. Anyone else? She seems spunky and likely will give us some comedic relief throughout the show.
  • Chris Soules and Witney-I still don’t know how I feel about the Bachelors coming off their show to DWTS. I do however love both Chris and Witney (not his fiance, although I love that Whitney too). He actually was a lot better dancer than I was bargaining for. He was a little awkward but he had a lot more charisma than I think we have seen. I also thought it was funny that Erin called him out for feeling nervous for dancing so close to Witney when he made out with every girl on the Bachelor.
  • Rumer Willis and Val-Arguably the best dance of the night. She is a little spitfire. I also love Val’s choreography so I am excited that he has someone moldable to work with. She was really good, but I think there are some walls that have to come down for her to really break out on this show.

I think this is a great cast with a wide variety of experiences and skill sets. (Although Tristan MacManus needs to come back!)

It should be fun to see what they have in store for the 20th season and their 10th year. I am sure all kind of surprises are in store.

They have also started a live stream on the ABC website. For an hour a day they showcase a couple’s practice. This is making me even more invested than ever before. I love seeing all sides of it. It is really interesting too because you see so much more here than they show in the clips. Love this idea! (My productivity doesn’t so much.)

What do you think? Do you watch DWTS? Who are your initial favorites? Are you a Derek hater?

2 thoughts on “20th Season DWTS

  1. Well, this is just great. I wasn’t gonna watch this year, but now, so I can follow your blog and be well informed, I have to. *sigh* 😉


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