Talks with Tom #36

Tom has a problem with laundry. (As in it is all over the house.) It is something I have had to accept that the entire house has become his closet. The things you learn about someone once you start living with them…


I think there is a conversation on a daily basis where Tom is trying to find some article of clothing. (To which I usually respond either out loud or in my head that he would be able to find things if he put things away…just saying Tom.)

This is one such conversation.

Tom-My socks disappear at a rate of a billion a day.

Me-I don’t think those numbers are accurate.

Tom-Those numbers are spot on. It’s been confirmed by CNN.

Me talking to George-Are you going to be an elaborator like your dad?

Tom-Brian Williams confirmed those statistics while he was in a plane crash in the Vietnam War.

All this was said as he was digging through laundry baskets and the inevitable load that never makes it out of the dryer. (Which is my problem–I can never seem to remember that there is laundry in the dryer…)

Do you or your significant other make the house your closet? Are you notorious as well with leaving loads in the washer or dryer? Really where do all the socks go?

6 thoughts on “Talks with Tom #36

  1. I am horrible at remembering clothes in the washer, more than the dryer. I remember two days later and then have to re-wash them. Wash, sit, wash, sit….repeat. A week later, my favorite jeans have gone through the wash 3 times. đŸ™‚

  2. I used to refer to Stephen as a snake and complain that he would shed his skin (aka clothes) all over the house! Thankfully, he’s gotten better. His side of the bedroom is his domain and he can get it as messy as he wants. That has seemed to work pretty well.

    • Yea, I am hoping once he gets on a regular schedule with the police department the shedding will stop because he will have more time to pick up after himself. But 8 years of watching this occur give me little hope haha.

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