Clearproof Box

I received this box thanks to Influenster. If you haven’t gotten on this bandwagon, come join me.

As a teenager, I never really had problems with acne. Then I started birth control due to my crazy periods, which I believe helped stave off any acne issues I would have had otherwise in college.

Then come to the time when I got off BC in my late 20s to try to start having babies. Holy moly am I becoming a normal 16 year old? The acne was insane for me.

Then it proceeded to get even worse when I was pregnant. Pregnancy hormones plus deciding not to use my normal face regimen to be more natural=acne nightmare.

Coconut oil and baking soda worked alright for me as a natural remedy, but it did not stave off the acne as much as the internet said. Lies.

So when I was asked to preview this box, I said sure. Let’s see if it can work it’s magic.

2014-11-06 21.22.37

I do not have before and after photos because well to be honest I was too self-concision to take them. I do mostly have hormonal acne since it is around my mouth and chin, but I also get some on my high cheekbones (probably because I sleep on my hands a lot which can cause the irritation.)

I also have a lot of acne scars from over the past few years as well. I honestly hate these more than a new breakout. Devil acne.

I have been using this line up of Clearproof products from Mary Kay for a month now.

I will be honest that I am indifferent about it.

My acne has gone down since I have started using it, but it has not gone away. Instead of the massive daily crop up I had, I am only experiencing maybe one a week. So I guess that is better! I started back on a low dosage birth control at the same time. So there is that.

It has not done anything about my acne scars, which it didn’t claim it would. I was just hoping for it.

All in all, I guess I do like the product. The wash isn’t too soapy and a little goes a long way. The spot treatment did seem to help with the breakouts so they weren’t so scary, so I appreciated that. The moisturizer though I did love. This is another that a little goes a long way. It is not overly thick and it soaks in very quickly. I have been using it a few times a day.

I did like that it was a complete set. When you are at the store trying to pick out facial products, there are not many that have a wash, toner, and moisturizer combo. Usually it is the toner that is no where to be found. I am not a fan of mixing different lines, so I liked that this had it all. A+ for that!

I did experience some dryness right at the beginning, but this could also be due to the face when I started this was when it got cold here. My skin basically has no moisture in the winter months.

Does this product work? I think so.

Does this product fix all my acne issues? No, but it did seem to lessen it. I think it is comparable to other lines.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. As I said it is not a cure all, and I feel that I have had similar results from other products I can get a drugstore.


I did receive all of this set complimentary for the review, and these thoughts are my own.

If you are interested in getting a box (you don’t have to be a blogger), just let me know, and I can send you an invite. They are a fun surprise! The community is also really easy to navigate. The more you interact, the more they will be able to find boxes that fit your style and needs. It is really versatile, and you can use it a lot or hardly at all. I have really enjoyed it so far!

Have you tried Clearproof? What are your best acne fighters?

4 thoughts on “Clearproof Box

  1. I started proactive about two years ago now and at first I was very skeptical because the commercials were on television and I always wondered how well it could really work. I tried the prescriptions from the dermatologist first which were expensive and did not work so I decided to invest and try proactive. I loved the product after about two months; once my face adjusted to it. They have several products to try such as a dark spot corrector which is great for those old acne marks!!! Once in a while on my period I would maybe get one or two small pimples but I used a face mask cream on them at night and they would be gone in about three days! I’m pregnant now and so I too am getting more acne but I also haven’t stuck to a good night cleansing routine like I should ( I hardly wash my face at night) they have a handy face wipe for taking it off for those nights I’m lazy! Thus far I only have two pimples so I’d say that’s pretty good! I know this is not for everyone but it may be worth a try?! Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for sharing! I have tried Proactive before and even after prolonged use, it actually made my skin worse. So I need milder products I guess. Trying to figure out combo skin issues is so difficult! Glad you found something that works for you!

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