Talks with Tom #32

This weekend Tom was able to see George for the first time in 3 weeks. Unfortunately, George has also been going through a grumpy phase this past week. I think he is going through a growth spurt because he is always hungry, which outside of putting on lotion is the only time he cries. He is also really drooly so I also think he may be starting to teeth…ahhhh.


This is a conversation we had about George being a grumpy pants.

IMG_9072 (600x400)

Tom-I wish that he came with a Grumpy bag that we could just empty so he could be happy all the time. We could just empty it out like wooop…(as he demonstrated emptying a bag off of his side)

Me-So like a colostomy bag?

Tom-Well yea. Just squirt out the grumpy. Or you could clean it out with a q-tip like blooop. But no….


Tom did get some smiles out of him before he had to head back to KY for his last week in the Army. Last week what!?!

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