Popping in on Baby Shower #1

One of our road trips was to have our first baby shower in my hometown.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have wanted to do a “She’s about to POP” theme since before I was pregnant. My hometown is home to Topsy’s which is a popcorn place that is huge around Christmas, so I knew that having a popcorn bar of sorts was a must. Then everything else was kind of a perk of the party.

My sister-in-law and my two closest girlfriends planned and hosted the shower for us. Now that I have had time to go through the pictures, I see that I have no pictures of Emily (SIL) and I…


Jeannette and Annette are the best gal pals I could ever ask for! I wish we lived closer together. Someday we will all be in the same state.

They did such a great job with everything. The decorations were adorable.

Pop Baby Shower

Everything Poppy

Cake Pops

These cake pops were delicious. And chocolate!

Pop Baby Shower

We had regular popcorn, cheese, cinnamon, and caramel. If you are ever in KC and need a popcorn fixing, look up Topsy’s! And I now regret not taking the left over home with us….

Pop Baby Shower

Ring Pops…who doesn’t love these candy treats?

Pop Baby Shower

These two were adorable, and so well behaved too.

We got a lot of great gifts! These are some of my more flattering pictures. Sometimes, your best side doesn’t fit with your preggo side…


Active Doodie onsie

With a mixture of Tom and I’s bowels, this couldn’t be a truer statement…this just makes me chuckle.

Clemson onsie

He is going to have no idea what team to root for. We have outfits for Clemson, Royals, Chiefs, and Iowa State. I really need a Central Missouri outfit to round out the collection.




I love seeing my Grandma and Grandpa. This is not their first rodeo into the Great-Grandparentdom. They are pros at this!

 IMG_4277 IMG_4290

Tom is such a trooper and comes to these parties with me.


He is so sweet with our niece.


He is going to be such a great dad.

Baby shower games

I did not want any games or possibilities of people touching my belly for guessing games. My SIL came up with perfect activities like this one of writing on diapers to amuse Tom and I when we are half asleep with our little pooper. I haven’t looked through them yet. I want to be surprised, but I am sure you will see some late night Instagram posts capturing this here in the future.


There are few people I would let touch my belly…These two are on this short list.

The three of us have always been super close, and this is a must have picture. See when Jeannette was pregs first?


I just hope that our kids like each other…

We are so fortunate to have family and friends to come out to help welcome George into our family.

21 thoughts on “Popping in on Baby Shower #1

  1. That’s a really cute theme! Also, I now have to go get some cake pops. Yum! Joseph has that same little overalls outfit. Its currently one of my favorites! And I love the Clemson onesie 🙂

  2. I’m echoing everyone else here, love the theme! I don’t see myself hosting or having a shower any time soon, but I’ll be filing this idea away for when the time comes!

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