Talks with Tom # 24

There are a lot of food fads out there, one being the new craze of Paleo.

If you do this, good for you. If it is helping you make better choices and be healthier, I am all for that.

But I will admit, I don’t get the actual practice of it.

And neither does my husband.

Here is his take on it:

As I understand paleo, it is eating food as it would be eaten in the Paleolithic era. That is berries from the ground and raw meat. Foraged food. You can’t make paleo brownies. Paleo people didn’t eat brownies. If the idea is that as long as it is made out of natural or raw ingredients, wouldn’t that mean that anything is paleo? Corn is from the ground. Corn makes high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup makes candy. Thereby jolly ranchers=paleo. Ok so I love the Paleo diet.

Since this first conversation, at almost every meal/snack, Tom denotes how what he is eating is actually ok according to the paleo theory. From chipotle, Now and Laters, to grilled cheese…it’s all paleo to him.


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