Basket Weave Crochet Blanket

I know that I say this a lot about crochet patterns, but this one is probably (most definitely) one of my favorite designs.

I made this for two friends of ours in Iowa who are due with their first child here in the next month. She is exactly 10 weeks ahead of me.

I was glad I was able to deliver this baby blanket to them in person while we visited in Iowa. They were some of our closet friends, so of course I jumped on the chance to make something for their little tot!

I used this pattern as a guide. It was a very easy one to follow. It looks like it is really complicated, but it is just front and back post double crochets alternated. Once you get the pattern, easy peasy!

Plus it was simpler since I only used one color of yarn, so I didn’t have to switch skeins that much. It took me about 3 weeks to complete this.

I used a J hook.

I went through 7 skeins of the the light gray yarn and half of a skein for the dark gray border.

This yarn is absolutely perfect for baby blankets. It is super duper soft!


IMG_2751 IMG_2753 IMG_2755

Peter and Noelle almost didn’t get the blanket because Tom and I were so obsessed with how the pattern turned out. It is perfectly simple but detailed uniquely.

I just may have to make George one. (If there is one thing we will never run out of, it is blankets. He will be a warm baby!)

I am almost done with another blanket, and then it will be on to making things for George’s arrival!

10 thoughts on “Basket Weave Crochet Blanket

  1. One of my best friends is pregnant right now and I am wanting to make her a blanket. I crocheted a lot back home in TX but My mom would always start them for me bc I couldn’t ever figure it out. I’m gonna have to get busy If I’m gonna have it done in time for her shower!! This one is beautifuL!!!

    • The first two rows are always difficult for me too. Just keep at it! This pattern is fairly easy so I would suggest it if you are wanting to make something soon!

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