Bumpdate Week 24

Week 24

How far along: 24 weeks. I am finally feeling pregnant all the time.

Sex of Baby W: Boys will be boys.

Weight gain: I have finally broken even. I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight. The doctor said that I should start seeing a lot more weight gain in the upcoming weeks between me expanding and George growing.

Size of Baby W: He is about the size of an ear of corn or about a foot long now. He should be a little over a pound. It is hard to believe he is a foot long in there!

Maternity clothes: Jersey dresses are the best thing ever. I have been weeding out tops that are becoming crop tops, which sadly are a lot of my favorite t-shirts. I tried on maternity pants this week, and I am still not ready for them. With the belly band, I am still able to make must of my pants work.

Baby items: We got a few things from my in-laws this weekend like some portable bed rockers and a crib mattress among some other smaller items. We have also finalized our registry lists on Amazon and Target. I am sure we will continue to adjust things as we go, but all of our basics are at least covered right now. If you see things that I am missing, let me know what baby thing I am missing!

Jeep Bouncer

We found this at the consignment store. Obviously it had to come home with us.

Stretch marks: Nothing so far.

Belly button in or out:I am still an innie.

Sleep: I am starting to struggle sleeping with the bump. I am thinking about getting the pregnancy wedge, but I am trying to not buy something if I can find other solutions. I am also getting cramps in my legs during the night because I don’t move a whole lot once I am settled because I am afraid to lay any way but on my left side, so I end up just being stiff all night.

Best moment the past few week: Having a little time off from work.

Worst moment the past few weeks: Driving long distance. It is not very conducive to pregnant bodies.

Miss anything:  I want a deli sandwich sooo bad. I have already told Tom that is the first meal I am having once we leave the hospital, or he may just have to bring me one IN the hospital.

Cravings:  Besides deli sandwiches, I want chocolate baked goods something fierce.

Movement: I feel him every day now. He is most active in the afternoon. I saw it for the first time this week too. I am also rubbing the bump all the time. With the stretching cramps it seems to help. And to be honest, I just like feeling the presence of the bump (as weird as it may sound).

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I have been feeling great. I have to pee ALL the time…

Looking forward to: We are traveling to Iowa this weekend for a wedding, but we will be stopping by our old home to visit on the way. Sooo excited!

Week 24.2

This shirt is one that I have had for several years, but it works amazingly as a maternity shirt.

10 thoughts on “Bumpdate Week 24

  1. I love your bump! I just recently discovered sleeping with my Boppy pillow. I definitely recommend one for once the little guy is here (especially if you plan on nursing), but it’s a life saver for me during pregnancy too.

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