Something We Have Been Waiting For

I am announcing for real this time. We are ecstatic to share our news with you!

IMG_1721 IMG_1699

Our house will grow to 3 boys and 2 girls!


We couldn’t get them to stop drooling on the chalkboards.


So it turns out that many of the old wives tales are wrong, at least in my case. I guess our little guy is already stubborn.


Grace apparently is not excited about being outnumbered.

We are excited to move forward with planning for our little boy!

We have settled on a name which we will be sharing at a later date.

It is so nice not to call him “it” anymore!

Now enjoy some of our out-takes of our doggy photo session.

IMG_1702 IMG_1723 IMG_1730

Grace was not happy about the chalkboard. She kept falling over like she was drunk.


Of course we have to bribe them with treats to sit still.


20 thoughts on “Something We Have Been Waiting For

  1. Congrats! Little boys are so much fun! The doggie pictures are adorable. I especially like the “oh brother” one. Haha! You said the name will be revealed later. Are we talking about after he’s born? or before that? Oh the suspense! At least tell me this, was it easy for y’all to pick or name or was there a lot of debate?

    • I really wish we had video taped it because Grace was a hot mess, so the sign was appropriate for her. It through her off balance so much for some reason. We plan on revealing the name before he is born, but we want to make sure all of our family knows first. The boy’s name was super easy. We had the first name picked out for weeks, this week we just settled on the middle name. We never did settle on a girl’s name, so it kind of worked out in our favor! I am going to talk about our process of name picking soon!

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