Our Roster Is Expanding!

We have an announcement!

Baby 1

And let me tell you this little rookie is having a lot of batting practice right now.

Come back tomorrow for the full story on how we found out, because you may remember that a month ago my doctor assured us that we were not pregnant.

It may be the best story you ever read, seriously.

15 thoughts on “Our Roster Is Expanding!

  1. Yeay! Congrats! Fall babies are the best, if I do say so. You kept posting about being sick and I kept thinking, “man, this girl can’t catch a break!” I’m glad (as glad as one can be for that sort of thing) that it’s morning sickness and not the never-ending flu. Mazel tov!

    • Even though I am not a fall baby, I am pretty biased about the season. So I am pretty stoked it can be a football season baby! Haha and I am super glad there is a least a GOOD reason for the puking!

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