I recently signed up for a review box from Influenster thanks to a blog friend Erica. A box is sent to you after doing a survey with Influenster. I was really excited to get the box for my very first product review!

These are not big boxes, but they have around 5 small items for you to review. Just the perfect size to try something new and see if want to become invested in that product.

2014-01-07 08.15.46

Here is what was in the box:

  1. Puffs Ultra Soft and Strong To Go Tissue Pack:  I love these Kleenexes! These have come at the perfect time since this weather is making me a little nasally. I love these travel packs because it ensures that I have a tissue wherever I go. (I am ready to be a mom folks, been carrying the mom bag for years!)
  2. NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow: This is the item I was most excited to receive. I was waiting until we got back from our vacation to go get some new eye shadow, and this is the palate I always get too. I had never tried this brand before, but I love it so far!
  3. Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer:  I am not one to use lip color because I am a chapstick girl for sure. I always feel silly wearing anything else, but I am sure I can find someone to try this out since I won’t use it. It looks super fancy!
  4. Skinny Cow Candy:  I love Skinny Cow chocolates, but this is the one kind I don’t like because I am not a peanut butter fan. However, as you know Tom loves PB, so these will be gone very soon in one of his pantry raids.
  5. Ducklings Mini Rolls: This item was fun to see as a crafter. This little roll of decorative duct tape will emerge on some craft or labels of some sort I am sure. I love the splatter paint effect.

I did receive all of these complimentary for the review, and these thoughts are my own. If you are interested in getting a box (you don’t have to be a blogger), just let me know, and I can send you an invite. They are a fun surprise!

This is my first box, but the site seems pretty fun by earning badges of things that you have reviewed and checking in your boxes. You can win prizes the more things that you check in, so there are rewards to be interactive with the site beyond just getting the box. It seems pretty self-explanatory from what I can tell so far. The only thing is that I don’t have a lot of the social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter which can earn you more points, so we’ll see how it goes without those.

9 thoughts on “JollyVoxBox

  1. 1. This looks fun! I want to do it!

    2. You should join instagram. I don’t have many followers or follow too many other people, but I still have fun playing with my pictures. Twitter, on the other hand, is evil. I joined twitter for a brief few months and it made me go slowly insane. No twitter for me.

    • My SIL is trying to get me on the Instragram bandwagon, and I just am not there yet. I just need more convincing. Twitter is just too silly for me. (And I will send you the link for the box!)

  2. Wow this actually sounds really fun! You really should get an Instagram even if you don’t want twitter–it’s super fun and it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers too. 🙂

  3. I’m with everyone else. I think you should join instagram. 🙂 It’s my favorite. I’m glad you liked this. I hope you like the next box even more!

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