Talks with Tom #13

This past weekend we traveled back to Missouri for a friend’s wedding. It was beautiful, and it was great to see some friends from Iowa. I have been really homesick for my Ames people, so it was fun to catch up with a few of them for a bit.

2013-11-16 14.31.03

I miss having friends in my office all the time!
(And Tom and I missed the purple memo, but it is ok. We matched in our mature primaries.)

It has gotten a little cooler here, which for me affects my “driving” clothes. Usually I will hop in a car in shorts or comfy running pants and a tshirt. With the temps dropping, my winter driving gear is usually jeans and a tshirt/hoodie.

Tom however is always in shorts.


Tom loves wearing shorts. He doesn’t really every wear long pants unless it is a special occasion or when he is being mandated. He believes that he should dress for the temperature inside since he wont be outside very long. So you will find my husband in shorts and flip flops all year round. He is all about the maximum amount of comfort.

We were in a mad hunt this weekend several times for his ranger panties. Oh you don’t know what those are? They are shorts that basically show off a man’s leg, and they have the inner liner (panty). They are also made of a silky thin material (panty). Think of 80s men’s basketball shorts or track shorts. Because they are so small, they get lost easily. We thought the dogs may have eaten them at one point this weekend. It was serious people.

Tom's legs

They do make their legs look super nice. And I gotta say, it is fun to watch these Army men push people’s clothing social normities. The things people have called Tom because of these shorts is both funny and awful.

Anyway, naturally I was complaining about it being too cold on the drive home.

Tom- “Yea, I had to bring the winter shorts.”

They are maybe a couple inches of fabric longer than the ranger panties. Shorts are meant for summer to me no matter the length, but even 6 years later I am still laughing at Tom’s perception and infatuation of shorts

He did wear pants for the special occasion this weekend.

2013-11-16 14.32.34

I like that the woman behind me is my color block opposite. Love the mature primaries (cardinal, navy, and gold)!

Happy Wedding to Chris and Krystal!


Fun fact, Tom and Chris were in Scouts together. Then I worked with him at Iowa State not knowing until his first day on the job that he knew my husband’s family. Small world!

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