That Day My Husband Had Surgery

Last Friday, Tom had minor surgery to remove a fatty tumor from his hip. The thing was huge and disgusting to think it was inside his body. It was about as long as my hand and about a quarter width around. Gross. I will spare you the pictures Tom has.

Anyway, it was an outpatient surgery, so he was free to drive home afterwards. But you think most people try to take it easy when they just got cut open.

I came home that afternoon to Tom rebuilding his bumper…


When Tom gets a project in mind, he has a hard time not finishing it right then.


He welded on his own design of brackets, which saved us a little bit of money in trying to find a professional welder.


He got the winch from a buddy of his who is getting rid of their Jeep. Score saving another bit of cash instead of buying this brand new!


Off road dream car


So determined


not feeling the surgery at all


putting off dinner plans


living out his dream


my husband the mechanic


making sure everything is secure


You can imagine what I was thinking when I came home to this.


We are officially ready with our end of the world vehicle.

Gotta love it.

This is also my 100th post on the blog! Craziness!

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