Friday Filter-TV Show “Southland”

Before all the shows started back up this fall, Tom and I kept busy watching the entire series of Southland.

This is a cop drama based on a department in the heart of LA.

You will have a love/hate relationship with all the characters, except for Detective Ruben. I always liked him.

This takes a very raw look at police departments and all that they deal with. Since this is Tom’s chosen profession, it was interesting to hear his take on the accuracy. For the most part, being from Hollywood, it wasn’t too bad.

They dealt with everything from murders, addiction, gang wars, under cover, family dynamics of cops, and everything else under the sun.

What I appreciated about this was the focus on the actual day to day calls, and how in a split second everything can change your day. For the most part, it never really followed one single plot line. And life is really just a web full of plot lines instead of one steady stream.

This show only had 5 very short seasons, but it was all good. It was nominated for several awards throughout it’s airing, and was even brought back after a pro-longed hiatus for the last couple seasons.

It reminded me a lot of the real-life show Cops, just with a script. It had very in your face camera angles, which I believe helped catch different emotions than we see in other cop shows. The lighting and hues highlighted I believe also added to the “realness” effect. It didn’t have that “shot in a studio” feel to it.

You see how cops (new and veteran) struggle with trying to find a balance of upholding the law and how the job fits into their own lifestyle, views, and morals. The show talks about instincts and what can make or break a cop.

It also does not follow just one pair of cops. You get to see a variety of layers in the department and how they all may interact. This was particularly refreshing because for the most part it was not just a single story-line as with most shows.

I will say that the finale didn’t really feel like a finale. There were so many unanswered questions and ambiguity in how it ended. The fact that the show was not sure if they were going to be coming back for a 6th season or not probably played a huge role in how the last three episodes went down. They must have known that it was a possibility that they may not come back so they went out pretty heavy with these episodes, but also left enough open in case they did get the nod to go ahead with another season.

I also liked that most of the actors in this were unknown to me. Regina King was the only one that I knew off the bat. So that was nice to see some fresh faces get some screen time.

This is a great show that we binge watched in a couple weeks. If you are looking for something new, I highly recommend putting this in your Netflix queue.

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