Talk With Tom #9

Season 4 of the Walking Dead begins tomorrow.

I have held out watching this show for a long time. Mostly because I get startled easily, and I am like a child and have nightmares really easily. I couldn’t sleep for a week after watching The Black Swan-seriously in tears every night.

Tom however was really good at convincing me to catch up before the new season begins. So for the past couple weeks we have been watching the first three seasons to catch up.

It has been followed by a lot of end of the world prep conversations and analyzing the stupidity of some of these people. It takes us double the time to watch one episode because of all the pausing Tom does so we can talk “zombie shop.”

It is ridiculous some of the conversations we have had. It has even gone as far as Tom giving me a lecture in the middle of the Commissary as to what I need to worry about grabbing.


The preparing conversations are not quite as good as this little number.

Tom-“If I were a zombie, I would be a smart zombie. I would carry around an umbrella and ride on a bike. The umbrella is for decoration.”

Me-“So you would lure them in with the bike?”

Tom-“No, I would do it for the shock factor. I would pop wheelies. No training wheels.”

He also acted out his umbrella carrying bicycle wheely show. Shock factor alright.

I love my husband. He says super romantic things like he would stay and get eaten by Zombies if he wasn’t sure that I was dead.

2 thoughts on “Talk With Tom #9

  1. We talk about zombie hypotheticals too! I’m convinced my husband will get turned first and take me out or I’ll turn first and he’ll take me out. He thinks I’ll turn first and sneak kill him since I’m so little. I can’t watch Walking Dead directly. I have to be playing a game on my ipod or something so that I don’t get too jumpy.

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